Client Testimonials

Bin W., Montgomery County business litigation client

"Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland, Mr. Hsur skillfully defended my case and we were able to win against one of the largest, if not the largest, law firm in Maryland." from Avvo

Amy G., Baltimore County family law client

"Michael and Joyce Ji are 2 of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys in Montgomery County. Michael was very patient with me, always gave me the right advices, and explained complicated legal matters in simple terms for me to understand. " from Avvo

Simon Y., Prince George's County corporate client

"Joyce is continuously providing us with advices on various issues from a legal perspective. Also helped us with writing some of the foundational documents and contracts in our company. She did a fantastic job on all above." from Avvo

John H., immigration client

"Ms. Ji helped me with my H1B visa. She is very professional and patient through entire application process, answered all my questions, and worked me through the process. I’ll definitely recommend her." from Avvo

Matt G., Chinese start-up client

"I am a start-up founder based in China, having multiple cross-border businesses in the U.S. Joyce has helped me in negotiating contracts with many of my company's business partners, all turned out to be worry-free. She is always responsive, and ready to answer my questions even though we have 12-hour time difference!" from UpCounsel

Maggie, immigration client

"纪律师很负责 很认真 很多问题问她 她都会很快给回复。我的绿卡申请资料就是他帮我审核的 都没有问题。多亏他的帮助 不然资料里面好多错误我都发现不了。" from Avvo